How long does it take to get my desired results?

In general, it usually takes medium-sized organisations between 6-12 months to become certified. However, it may take less time if your organisation is highly focused on becoming certified, or perhaps longer if you have a large organisation with complex systems in place.

Typically, most ISO certifications can be achieved in around 3-6 months dependent upon the specific ISO standard or standards being sought. Some may take up to 12 months and again, this will depend on the complexity of your business.

How long is my certification/accreditation valid?

The ISO certification is valid for a 3-year period from the date of issue, subject to regular assessments. It is therefore important that you keep up with the necessary requirements.

Each year you will be assessed, plus every 3 years a detailed re-assessment will take place where you will receive a new certificate. This will then be valid for a further 3 years.

How much does ISO Certification Cost?

ISO Certification cost depends on a range of factors; for instance, the size of your business, internal resourcing capabilities, pre-existing management system documentation, your industry, and the complexity of the audit required.

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the cost further.

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