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The Water Utility Sector is one that we at Alpha Swanson have a large amount of experience with. Having worked for several utility companies we understand the statutory frameworks and customer relationship management drivers required to deliver performance. This industry is highly regulated and monitored by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), Office of Water Services (Ofwat) and the Environment Agency (EA). These regulators support companies to deliver the best possible service and as such standards are maintained. Clients expect their supply chain to have similar levels of competence and customer service, so they are increasingly looking for some or all of the following: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001 as part of their selection and award process.

Water – What We do

We help companies in the water utility sector to achieve their desired UKAS accredited certificated ISO standard or IMS. We can also work with companies who may not be quite ready for ISO to achieve an applicable SSIP Scheme such as CHAS, SMAS or Safe Contractor to name a few.

Water – Initial Discussions

We will discuss with you your objectives and reasoning for looking at ISO. We will explain the process of implementing a Quality, Environmental, Data Security and Health and Safety management standard, either individually or as part of a combined Integrated Management System (IMS).

We will go into detail about what we will do and most importantly what you will be required to do to build the system and how maintain it.

Further reading

Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health (QESH) are important subjects in every sector and the water industry, with its source to tap and sink to river infrastructure, has its own unique risks and challenges. These will include at least some or all of the following:
• Water abstraction and compliance with abstraction licences
• Borehole, spring intake and raw water storage reservoir operations and maintenance
• Raw water transmission pumping, syphon and pipework infrastructure
• Customer contact management and issue resolution
• Water treatment and storage processes
• Chemical management
• Treated water supply service reservoirs and pumping infrastructure
• Supply chain and framework contractor management
• Instrumentation calibration, control and automation
• Sewerage pumping and pipework assets
• Data management and protection, including GDPR
• Central control functions and methodologies
• Leakage detection and resolution
• Energy use reduction
• Water hygiene maintenance
• Traffic and pedestrian management
• Sampling, testing and analysis of potable and waste water
• Sewage treatment, sludge management and compliance with discharge consents
• Management of relationships with regulators and other interested parties.
Understanding compliance needs, operating assets and utilising limited resources efficiently are key areas. A knowledge focused management system, in which many procedures for operational assets are captured and optimised, can make a huge difference. It will also help you formalise all non-operational processes and provide a framework to organise all the organisation’s records, which helps support a successful company.
Effective management systems are also a key component of achieving ISO certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001 which give external assurance that you operate to international standards. An Integrated Management System (IMS) is considered the ultimate in management systems as it brings all policies, procedures and documentation together into one place.
How Alpha Swanson can help your water management organisation
At Alpha Swanson, we have extensive experience of helping businesses develop and implement bespoke management systems and achieve internationally recognised standards. We have assisted numerous clients in gaining UKAS accredited certification to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001.
Both founding Directors have a background in the water industry, so have a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges that the industry faces. They also have a proven track record in successfully developing and implementing Integrated Management Systems specifically for the water sector. We don’t provide off-the-shelf systems; we develop relevant systems that will significantly improve the whole of the business.
As well as creating an effective IMS and helping you achieve ISO certification, we can also create bespoke training programmes. We are agents of various EU Skills Registers courses including Water Hygiene and Water SHEA and have years of experience coaching senior managers and Directors. One of our Directors recently helped advise EU skills on the revision of its Water SHEA course, which is a measure of how much his expertise is respected.
If you would like to discuss how our specialist QESH services can benefit your water management organisation, then contact our friendly team. We’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation and make expert recommendations for your requirements.