What our clients are saying...

Just Trays Ltd

In early 2019, as a company we were considering the idea to expand on our existing ISO9001 Standard Certification and commit to the ISO14001 Environment Standard, initially this stalled as it seemed a dauting task. After a discussion with our Research & Development manager whom had been at a Plastic Convention when he met a 3rd party, who had recommended Alpha Swanson to us, who they thought may be able to aid us through the process.
A meeting was arranged and Clive arrived on site to pitch the services they offered. I have to admit that prior to the meeting, I didn’t believe we would be able to commit to the certification process at that time, but the way Clive described the services and support on offer during the process, I felt a lot more confident.
The project began in earnest in mid-June 2019 and throughout we have received great support and commitment, with numerous discussions taking place and I always found the support and advice given was very professional. Jon was always on hand to give advice or answer any queries, even when towards the final few months of the process and the difficulties surrounding the worldwide Pandemic and Lockdown, every effort was made to continue with their support and come up with solutions to overcome any issues.
Alpha Swanson have certainly been value for money, when I think back to the beginning and the commitment given by them and it certainly has been provided, I would have no hesitation in recommending Alpha Swanson if your needing great service and knowledge at a competitive price.

Dean Ramsey – QHSE Manager

Bradford Cathedral

Alpha Swanson began working with Bradford Cathedral in early 2014, and assisted us to review our Health & Safety arrangements, identify improvements that were required and supported us to implement them. Clive and Jon are very knowledgeable and personable individuals, and they have taken the time to understand the unique environment of a Cathedral, and I commend the quality of service and customer interface that they provide.
Since then, the Cathedral has engaged Alpha Swanson every year to provide us with ongoing Health & Safety support, and look forwards to continuing our relationship with them into the future. I am therefore very happy to recommend their services to any other party who is looking for similar support.

Andy McCarthy – Chief Operating Officer

Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd

Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd is a well-established ventilation engineering company, and we decided that achieving certifications to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 was fundamental part of our strategic plan to achieve business growth, given the credibility such certifications bestow. We had no experience of how to go about this ourselves, and appointed Alpha Swanson in April 2016 following a recommendation made by 4D Collaborative Consulting Ltd.
Alpha Swanson approached the project from the perspective of building an IMS that reflected and supported the business, rather than tie it up in bureaucracy. They then provided us with internal auditing and management review support, and finally attended the certification audit, which was successful. In addition to this, they cheerfully provided us with a number of additional, gratis items, including provision of competent Health and Safety support, assistance to evaluate and appoint a UKAS accredited certification body and a number of mechanisms that assisted us implement the IMS, including a third-party evaluation tool. Such has been the quality of the service provided, that we have readily decided to re-appoint them to support us with our ongoing QESH needs, and continue to build on our already strong relationship.
I am thus very happy to recommend Alpha Swanson’s services.

Vaughan Hobson – Managing Director

Stainless Band Limited

We were looking for a consultant to support us during our transition from ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015. During my research I bumped into someone who recommended Alpha Swanson to us.And that’s when I found them and thank God for that or else we would have struggled getting the result we did eventually.
Jon and Clive are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are both extremely nice, will go out of their way to help and have incredible knowledge in the domain. They would go an extra mile to ensure successful completion of the project and get the desired result.
And well, getting certification to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 was a smooth ride with all the support and guidance we received from them.
We would definitely love to work with them again, if there is a chance..
Absolutely satisfied with the service we received from them as our ISO Consultants.

Honey Sawhney – Quality Manager

Sinewave Energy Solutions

We decided our company would benefit from gaining various ISO certifications, but being a relatively new company with no experience of this we knew there would be a lot of work to do and that we required the services of an external consultant. We were provided with a list of companies by the certification body we were using, and Alpha Swanson were the only company who offered to visit our premises and talk us through the process and the services they could offer.
They were committed and professional at all times, whilst remaining kind and helpful, and took our company from knowing nothing about the process to understanding the standards, how a management system works etc. We felt we could contact them to ask them anything at any time, often in the form of a video conference-call which we found more helpful than a phone call or email. We feel they spent time getting to understand how our company works and built our management system to reflect this; indeed at the certification audit, the auditors commented on the merit of the system we had in place, and this was down to Alpha Swanson’s approach and expertise.
The cost was highly competitive to start with, but with all the extra support given throughout the project this became very good value. Alpha Swanson are an extremely helpful and dedicated company who take you through a rigorous process calmly and offer support at every step of the way.
We now have UKAS accredited certifications to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, and are looking to continue our association in other areas of the business.

Adam Woodley – Managing Director

Ripon Cathedral

The Cathedral appointed Alpha Swanson in the Spring of 2015, on the basis of a recommendation, to perform an audit of our existing safety management system, to ensure it was fit for purpose. A thorough review was duly performed of both our documentation and practical arrangements, and a number of valuable recommendations were made. We found Clive and Jon to be informative and friendly individuals, who not only performed the work diligently, but also happily performed an additional piece work for the Cathedral, concerning noise assessments, at no extra cost.
We are thus very happy to recommend their services

Julia Barker – Director of Operations

Bradford Cathedral

Alpha Swanson has been working with Bradford Cathedral since early 2014, and have assisted us in reviewing our Health & Safety arrangements, identified improvements that were required and supported us to implement them. Clive and Jon are very knowledgeable and personable individuals, and they have taken the time to understand the unique environment of a Cathedral, and I commend the quality of service and customer interface that they provide. The Cathedral engaged Alpha Swanson to provide us with ongoing Health & Safety support in January 2015, and is looking forwards to continuing our relationship with them into the future.

Amanda Anderson – Director of Strategic Development and Operations

Dalec UK

Alpha Swanson has worked with us over the past year to improve our Health & Safety arrangements, with the ultimate goal of achieving CHAS Accreditation, which we have now successfully obtained. Jon has taken the time to fully understand our business, and has worked with several members of staff to develop a relevant and workable safety management system, which will help our business improve and access more business opportunities. We have been delighted with Alpha Swanson’s services and ethos, and are looking forwards to a long and valuable relationship with them. We are thus more than happy to recommend their services to others.

Dale Watson – Managing Director

Business Modelling Associates

We appointed Alpha Swanson Ltd in February 2015 to assist us build an Integrated Management System, which would allow us to achieve certifications to ISO9001 and ISO14001, which are integral to our growth plans. I had worked with Jon and Clive in a previous role, so I knew they were both capable individuals, and we have been very pleased with the manner that their recently formed company has handled our project. Alpha Swanson has worked closely with us and produced a documented system that both reflects our needs as a business, as well as meeting the needs of the two standards. Alpha Swanson provided excellent support in all areas including arranging the performance of the internal audit, delivering awareness training, assisting us through the management review process and providing guidance with regards to the appointment of a certification body. For a small, new company such as ourselves, this level of flexible support is critical to successful certification. Alpha-Swanson continued to work closely with us as we approach the certification audit, and has provided our management representative with the skills needed to maintain the system going forwards.
We are thus delighted to recommend Alpha Swanson’s services to anyone requiring competent assistance in any aspect of management systems and ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification.

Mark Penny – Chief Operating Officer

Dax Air Limited

We initially contacted Alpha Swanson for assistance sharpening up our internal procedures with the aim of achieving CHAS accreditation. Throughout the process I found Clive and Jon excellent to deal with and as a result we flew through the CHAS process with minimal hassle to myself. Their knowledge on H&S legislation is vast and their experience in the field allows them to temper the legislation with common sense to achieve a safe working standard that works in the real world. As a result of this we decided to further employ Alpha Swanson to advise and completely rewrite our safety manual above and beyond the needs for CHAS and the feedback we are getting from both our site engineers and customers on our new procedures is very positive.

Neil Hewitt – Managing Director

Murney Limited

Murney Ltd is a relatively new organisation, and originally had little in the way of documented processes in place. We recognised the importance of achieving ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications to our long term plans to grow the business and enable us to compete successfully for larger projects. We had no experience on how to go about this ourselves, so we appointed Alpha Swanson in March 2015 on the basis of a recommendation.
We have been very impressed with the way Alpha Swanson approached the project. They have worked closely with a number of employees to understand how the business works, and put in place processes that avoided the creation of unnecessary red-tape. Additionally, they have been very flexible and responsive, adapting to our sometimes reactive business demands. We were also delighted that they provided an additional gratis service, and on the basis of this we are considering working with them further to implement OHSAS18001 certification.
I am thus more than happy to recommend Alpha Swanson’s services.

Steve Coles – Managing Director

D&M Utilities Ltd

Alpha Swanson are delighted to announce the successful certification of D&M Utilities Ltd to ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 and OHSAS18001: 2007, via UKAS accredited certification body Exova Ltd. D&M Utilities provide excavation and services replacement services to utility organisations, and their Managing Director, Dave Connolly, said ‘Alpha Swanson have supported us since early 2015, initially with competent Health & Safety advice, but more recently to assist us achieve certifications to the internationally recognised quality, environmental and health & safety standards. As a business, we believe in doing everything we do properly, and this is reflected in the excellent customer service feedback we receive. We view achieving UKAS accredited certifications to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 as key to both providing our existing clients with additional reassurance about how we run our businesses, as well as to provide confidence to new clients that we are a company that can be trusted to deliver excellent service. We have been greatly impressed with how Alpha Swanson has supported us, and cannot recommend them highly enough to other organisations who wish to achieve similar certifications’.
Jon Tait, Alpha Swanson’s Systems Director, said ‘We are genuinely over the moon about D&M Utilities Ltd’s success, and it’s a fitting testament to the great way in which they operate and do business. We are also delighted to have been reappointed to provide them with assistance to maintain and further improve their system, and provide them with competent health & safety support, and look forwards to working with them for the foreseeable future’.
For more information on how Alpha Swanson could assist your business achieve or transition to ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 and other internationally recognised standards, please contact us via our website.

Dave Connolly – Managing Director

Morrisons Utility Services

I can confirm on behalf of Morrison Utility Services that it has been a pleasure working with both Clive and Jon of Alpha Swanson Ltd on several occasions and have always found them to be both knowledgeable and professional in their approach. Most recently Morrison Utility Services has worked with Alpha Swanson to develop and deliver a series of workshops for our operational teams. This consisted of a bespoke training package which was designed to take our current performance in that field to the next level.
I can confirm that Morrison Utility Services will continue to use Alpha Swanson in the future and would be happy to recommend their services.

Jason Young – Safety