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Waste Management

Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health (QESH) are important subjects in every sector and the waste management industry has its own unique risks and challenges. Depending on the exact nature of your business, you will have to consider some or all the following:

  • Classification and categorisation of waste
  • Waste storage and labelling
  • Transportation of waste
  • Waste segregation, recycling and disposal
  • Accidents and incident reporting
  • Spillages and pollution events
  • Maintenance of waste records and certificates, e.g. waste transfer notes, consignment notes etc.
  • Compliance with waste focused legislation both internally and when assisting clients
  • Data management and protection, including GDPR

The environmental implications of waste management mean the industry is often under scrutiny. It is important that waste management companies have effective processes in place and can adapt quickly to new legislation and regulations.

A management system can formalise all your processes and organise all relevant documentation and records. This not only makes it easier for you to manage your business more efficiently and effectively, it can also ensure you continue to remain compliant with all applicable legislation. An Integrated Management System (IMS) is considered the ultimate in management systems and creates a solid foundation for achieving ISO certification. An IMS brings all policies, procedures and documentation together into one place.

Effective management systems are a key component of achieving ISO certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001. These certifications demonstrate that you are operating to internationally recognised standards. This can make it easier to win contracts as clients will have more confidence in the quality of your services.

How Alpha Swanson can help waste management organisations

At Alpha Swanson, we have a proven approach to helping businesses develop and implement bespoke management systems and achieve internationally recognised standards. We have assisted numerous clients in gaining UKAS accredited certification to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001.

Even if you are not looking to work towards formal certification, a management system will provide huge benefits to your business. We can help you create robust systems and processes that will provide a solid foundation for gaining these certifications in the future.

To find out how we can help you improve quality, manage your environmental impact and ensure you comply with health, safety and information security legislation, contact our friendly team.

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