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Announcement – Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd – March 2017

Alpha Swanson Ltd is delighted to announce the successful certification of Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd to ISO9001 (2015), ISO14001 (2015) and OHSAS18001 (2007), via UKAS accredited certification body, Exova.

Jon Tait (Systems Director) said “This achievement is the culmination of a successful partnership between ASL and Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd, and their certification success is testament to the effort and commitment that the whole team have put into the project. Going forwards, we are delighted to have been re-appointed by them for a further year to look after their IMS maintenance and internal auditing needs, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them”.

Vaughan Hobson (Managing Director of Greenacre Environmental Systems Ltd) said “These certifications are pivotal to our strategy of growing our business, as well as providing a tangible commitment to good customer service, environmental sustainability and maintaining a safe workplace. Alpha Swanson Ltd were recommended to me, and they have worked closely with us to develop and implement our IMS from scratch, and guide us through the certification process. Such has been the quality of the service they have provided, that we have willingly re-appointed them to look after all our QESH needs going forwards”.


Greenacre Environmental Control Systems Ltd

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