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What Is a Certification Audit?

A Certification Audit is the first step for those organisations that have decided to undergo an assessment process with a Certification Body (CB) to determine if their management system complies with the requirements of a given standard, such as ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, etc. This Certification Audit is carried out in two stages and you will hear these referred to a stage one and stage two.

Alpha Swanson only work with UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies (CB’s) so this process may be different if you choose to go down the non-accredited route.

Stage One:

Usually done on site but some CB’s may choose to do this remotely depending on the size and complexity of the organisation.

The CB is looking to determine if the organisation is ready to proceed to stage two. They will want to review:

  • Management system documentation.
  • The location and site-specific conditions.
  • The organisations status and understanding of the requirements of the standard.
  • Whether internal audits and management reviews are planned and performed.

Stage Two:

This will be done on site and if you have more than one site it may be done over several sites including nights and weekends where required. The purpose is to evidence the organisations implementation and effectiveness and will involve checking what you say you do with what you do. It will basically do:

  • An evaluation of the level of implementation and effectiveness of the management system according to the requirements of the standard.
  • A sample audit of the processes and activities defined in the scope.

A written report on the audit findings and non-conformances that need to be addressed will be produced and working with Alpha Swanson you will achieve the recognition you deserve.

We will be physically present alongside you at both stage one and stage two. Although it is the organisation that is being audited, all CB’s understand that a little moral support goes a long way.

If you would like to understand more about the process, then please give me a call.


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