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Working with you to create
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Our approach is quite simple; we deliver the services you need. Whether you already have effective systems but need help achieving certification, or you need us to create a management system from scratch, we can help.

Our first priority is getting to know your business. We want to work with organisations who genuinely understand the value of achieving and upholding internationally recognised standards as part of a long-term strategy.

What we do involves working closely with you and we’d like you to feel that we’re part of your team; we are as invested in your success as you are.

Standard Certification Project Timetable

Every business is different; you may not require help in all these areas but a typical certification implementation project proceeds as follows:

  • Collect information about your business to produce a bespoke management system
  • Produce a draft system and spend time with you to review it and explore options for developing additional, value-adding documentation
  • Finalise and release your new system which needs to be in place at least three months before certification
  • Evaluate the competency of third-party organisations on whom you rely
  • Perform an impartial internal audit and produce an action plan to address findings
  • Support you in preparing and running your first management review
  • Attendance during the certification audit and assistance with addressing any findings

We will discuss your specific needs as part of our initial proposal preparation and only quote for the services you require.

Once agreed, the price you pay for these services will be what we have quoted. If you’d like to add further services throughout the process, then we’ll be upfront about any additional costs before we go ahead. This means there will be no unexpected bills or nasty contractual tie-ins to worry about.

After you have gained your certification, we can discuss options for ongoing support, compliance management and process development, depending on the needs of your business.

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